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IP & Brand License Compliance
Identify every challenge before it becomes a roadblock
  • Uncover and capture under-reported royalties and license fees.
  • Gain control of non-compliant sales tactics and grey market activity.
  • Detect and align over-deployed and unlicensed software.

IT Team
Navigate business needs and catalyze ROI
  • Optimize your technology spend and deftly handle vendor licensing risks.
  • Reduce risk by operating in the cloud.
  • Improve ROI on technology investments with smarter contract management.

InfoSec Team
Reduce risk at every touchpoint
  • Microsoft-approved supplier for SSPA assessment.
  • Instill confidence and trust with SOC2 Type1 and Type2 preparedness.
  • Optimize your IT security posture with comprehensive network penetration testing.

Marketing Team
Get higher-intent leads—and more of them
  • Multi-channel campaigns (email, webinars, phone, chat, and mail) boost response rates.
  • Analyze online, offline, and teleservices channels to optimize campaigns.
  • Access white-glove services—like content creation, design, and reporting—so you can focus on closing business.

Customer Success Team
Boost loyalty across SMB and mid-market
  • Cast a wider net for greater customer reach and coverage.
  • Drive more customer lifetime value to impact revenue.
  • Reduce customer churn with increased customer satisfaction.

Partner Enablement Team
Empower the channel to sell more
  • Fortify partner relationships to improve focus and conversion.
  • Streamline marketing outreach efforts to shorten sales cycles.
  • Increase market share with fully committed partners uncovering new revenue streams.

Renewals Team
Reimagine the renewals engagement
  • Optimize the renewals process to accelerate renewals cycles and increase revenue.
  • Reduce customer churn through an enhanced customer experience.
  • Increase conversion rates and customer satisfaction results in higher lifetime value.

Software License Compliance Team
Digitally transform the compliance process
  • Build trust with licensees through our global one-firm model.
  • Increase revenue by more efficiently managing your license portfolio.
  • Leverage automation to streamline processes and reduce overhead costs.

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