Powered by data that delivers

Powered by data that delivers
Powered by data that delivers

Start Smart

We scrub, normalize and augment contacts and other relevant data so you’re focusing on the right leads, not dead ends.

Measure and Maximize

We equip you with a full suite of integrated channels each expertly customized and sequenced for engagement.

Intelligence and Actionable Insights

We deliver timely, actionable information based on program engagement to help you prioritize efforts and plan the next moves.

We put data to work to boost efficiency and effectiveness of your campaigns.

Data attribution

The depth and variability of data that we add to scoring and predictability drive our superior prioritization, strategy and personalization.

Data augmentation

We add additional information that enhances the accuracy of your existing contacts and expand your list with valuable additional prospects.

Cleansing and standardization

We ensure that you launch with the right leads by removing expired addresses, duplications, and other inaccuracies. We also refine contacts to ensure they are connected to the right decision-makers.

Data analysis and reporting

We build a suite of full reporting into your campaign so you know what’s happening, why it’s working and what’s next. Interaction dashboards provide real-time tracking. Our weekly reports from your dedicated analyst turns information into actionable insights.

Keep Them Talking (and Converting) With Customized, Localized Engagement.

Show customers you care, and are paying attention, with on-brand communications that are tailored to their needs.

Design Talent at Your Service

Our design team is at the ready to ensure that every touchpoint is on-brand, helping to build brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

Multi-Channel to Meet Them Where They’re At

Our service includes a full suite of integrated channels at your fingertips, each expertly sequenced for engagement.

A Global Team for Localized Feel

With Connor experts in place across the globe to deliver localized support, nothing about your campaign will be ‘lost in translation.’

A full suite of tools for robust integrated campaigns

Fully Customized - Multi-Engagement - Localized

Creative Services & Content Creation

Emails, landing pages, questionnaires, direct mail and more, designed and customized to fit your brand and tailored to your program needs.

Program Management

Our teams plan, build, launch and manage your campaign, using best practices that we’ve learned from years of experience.

Analysis and Insights

Easy-to-use dashboards allow you to track campaign interaction, all scored to add a valuable layer of quality. Dedicated analysts act as your campaign coach, providing weekly analysis and actionable insights to boost campaign success and drive conversion.

Localized Call Centers

Our global call centers provide the expert, in-person support, ready to swoop in to remove roadblocks, unstick an issue or just provide the in-person assurance needed to get a customer across the finish line.

Get Started

From start to finish

ConnorX Has the resources to create, manage and support your campaign

From start to finish
From start to finish

A suite of solutions to fit your challenges

We’re here to help you turn issues into business opportunities


An automated and efficient way to up compliance, and revenue, from SMB customers.


Our customized engagement strategy delivers meaningful ROI for SMB anti-piracy campaigns.


A disciplined, data-driven approach to renewals that allows for smart prioritization, re-engagement and opportunities for upsell.


Our streamlined data collection process and tools provides your enterprise customers with an efficient, elevated experience in reporting ELA consumption.

Dead Maintenance

Simplify the maintenance process for your customers so they’re clear and current, and turn dead maintenance data into enticing options on migrations and offers to purchase your latest products.

Here’s our process and workflow:

Set Up Your Campaign

  • Confirm messaging strategy, establish hierarchy and set delivery cadence for consistent and effective communications
  • Content creation (emails, landing page, call scripts, and other touchpoints) on-brand, personalized to the recipient and designed for conversion
  • Set tailored data collection strategy based on deep and complete information and set to ensure we’re focused on the measurements that are most critical to your success

Optimize Your Data

  • We’re going after the right audiences
  • Data normalization, augmentation and attribution to ensure we have the right leads, and deep knowledge about them
  • Scoring so that we can focus on the most valuable leads, and the best channels to reach them

Create a Personalized Customer Experience

  • Create personalized communications across all your touchpoints to ensure relevancy and drive engagement
  • Schedule and deploy your campaign cadenced based on customer intelligence and behavior
  • In-person, local response across chat, call-centers, email and more by our results-proven teams
  • Refinements and modifications to engagement and customer experience based on up-to-the-minute intelligence to save valuable time and ensure you’re pushing engagements that deliver results

Reporting and Re-Engagement

  • Analytics in real-time, and in your dashboard for anytime access to quick overviews or detailed drill-downs
  • Regular reporting augmented with Connor’s analysts so you know what steps to take next
  • Program and QBR reviews to measure results against your personal revenue, engagement and other goals
  • Scoring analysis to identify how to re-engage customers with tailored strategies based on learnings and data from those that did convert, and those that did not

Your data is safe with us

Your data is safe with us

Safeguard your data and meet compliance requirements

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