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13 years of average experience across the team

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Trust is a key priority for our partners worldwide. Connor’s dedication to transparency, authenticity and accessibility gives our clients airtight confidence in our approach and ability to meet the specific needs of their business at every turn.

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Enhancing resilience and creating value across the globe

Be prepared: Connor clients are saved from most common mistakes in Royalty Compliance

Enhancing resilience and creating value across the globe
Enhancing resilience and creating value across the globe

The Challenge

Creating a self-sustaining compliance program that maximizes ROI by leveraging multiple technologies and audit strategies — without incurring unmanageable expenses and risk.

The Reality

Intentional under-reporting, outdated processes, and human error lead to major gaps in royalty reporting and license fees —and many organizations lack the structural and expert support necessary to create and manage successful compliance programs.

The Impact

Poorly structured and managed compliance programs stunt growth, gut revenues, and damage key business partnerships.

Creative solutions that are customized to your needs.

Connor’s globally-distributed team has one primary goal: help our clients succeed by building complete, tailored, scalable compliance programs that drive higher returns, lower costs, reduce risk, and improve the customer experience.

One Unified Firm

A worldwide team with authentic local expertise

Technology DNA

Best-in-breed technology and analytics with world-class support

Seasoned Industry Experts

Compliance-focused, specialized industry teams


Dedicated to lower costs and higher returns

Consistent Team

Low turnover and high transparency increases knowledge retention and accuracy.

Diversified Customers

Unmatched experience serving leading licensors globally

Our Results Speak for Themselves

Connor has a proven track record of helping clients build a license compliance program that is self-sustaining, driving unmatched ROI to its clients while building positive relationships with its clients and their licensees with clear, consistent and accurate communications throughout the audit process.


Connor Consulting recovered over $1B in unpaid and under reported revenues


Resulting in 5-24% in total revenue from compliance services


Clients have seen ROI of 10x (or 1000%) on every dollar spent with Connor Consulting


As a result, 91% of our clients come from referrals, and 15% of our clients were previously audited by us

Client partnerships founded on trust and a commitment to quality.

Change is Unpredictable. Results Don’t Have to Be.

Change is Unpredictable. Results Don’t Have to Be.

Agility and flexibility are critical traits that define a future-proof business. Download our ebook to explore industry best practices, and discover how Connor can help you transform your business operations for maximum results.

Transform Royalty Compliance Engagements

Transform Royalty Compliance Engagements

Creating a successful contract compliance program is challenging: 85% of licensees have errors in their royalty reports. Find out how Connor can help you stay on top of data gaps, under-reporting, and other compliance roadblocks.

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Actionable solutions, better results

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